www.Midwestloanservices.com Midwest Loan Services Payment Options


www.Midwestloanservices.com is located in Michigan and a subsidiary of University Bank. They offer mortgages for credit union members. The company provides a website, phone number and a place for customer reviews at the bottom of their page.

www.Midwestloanservices.com Midwest Loan Services are servicing and originating loans for members of Credit Unions in partnership with Credit Unions for more than ten years. The company will do the best they can at anytime and anywhere to give their clients the best mortgage experience. The loan relationship of clients will be owned by your Credit Union.

Midwest Loan Services provide a wide range of payment services for the convenience of their clients. These include automatic monthly payments, automatic semi-monthly payments, automatic biweekly payments, free internet payments, speed pays and payment by check.

With free automatic monthly payments, your home loan payment can be drafted automatically from your savings or checking account. You can select any day between the 1st and 15th of the month the payment is due. You can add additional funds to principal monthly to pay off your loan faster.

With automatic semi-monthly payments, half payment drafts can occur twice every month, on the 1st and 15th. During the 15th of the month before the month your payment is due, they can draft the first half of your loan payment. On the first of the month, they can draft for you the second half. The funds will be applied as your regular payment monthly on the first of every month.

With automatic biweekly payments, starting 14 days prior to the month your loan payment is due, they can draft from your bank account, half of your payment monthly. This is going to be repeated every after 14 days after the first draft has occurred. 26 semi-payments are to be drafted every year. 24 of these will be used to make 12 regular payments. The two drafts will be applied to the principal balance of the loan, and in some cases, helping you save thousands of dollars in internet paid over the entire life of the loan.